Safest place to travel in covid pandemic

It can be said that for the past one year, people have spent most of their time in their home. It has also increased their mental pressure to a greater extent. In order to get relieved from this stress and to get refreshed many people are planning for vacation. Even though travelling is highly dangerous in this situation there are some safest places to spend vacation in the most peaceful way. The people who are seeking for the safest vacation can consider the following places.


Kuwait can be ranked first in the safest place to visit in current scenario. But it is to be noted that this is a most expensive place on earth. Hence in case Kuwait is the tourist destination one must make sure to allot a greater budget for their vacation. Even though the place is expensive, they have more interesting tourist spots that can put the tourists into great excitement. National museum, Liberation tower, Grand mosque are some of the interesting places in Kuwait.


The next interesting and safest place to travel is Iceland. Obviously even before the pandemic situation, this is one of the top rated tourist destinations in the world. The active glaciers here will be a great tourist attraction. In order to enjoy this trip at the best, one can hire the rental car service. Especially they can make trip along the ring road,as this will be more adventurous than they sound to be. Many tourists who are visiting Iceland will never miss the whale watching.


Bahrain is more popular for their archaeological sites. Especially, the Bahrain fort is registered as the world heritage site by UNESCO. The national museum here is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bahrain. Bahrain international circuit will be the best destination for the people who are highly crazy about motor race. Apart from these, there are several other interesting places that can be visited in a week.


According to the recent survey, the next safest destination in this pandemic situation is Finland. This is a country in Europe and this is also the expensive place to visit. Even though there are several attractions, the tourists will be highly interested in the foods served here. Villi, Hernekeitto and game foods are some of the most interesting and tasty foods that are highly preferred by the tourists.

Apart from these, Cyprus, Georgia and Oman are the other safest places in current scenario.